Author: johnwolfe

Shutters installed in Brampton Park

Last week I installed 9 shutters in a new-build house in Brampton Park, Cambridgeshire. Shutters are an excellent alternative to blinds and can be used instead of or in combination with curtains. They offer the flexibility of allowing light into your home while still giving privacy or shutting completely to give you that perfect night’s…
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Hanging a TV on a plasterboard wall

I was asked by a customer if I could hang a TV bracket for him and if I had a solution to running cables up the wall from the socket to the TV. As the wall in question was in a drylined new-build property the solution was an easy one that left no cables on…
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Loft boarded and shelves in roof trusses

This is a great option for new-build properties. Here, I’ve installed loft boards on stilts – maintaining the depth of rockwool insulation – and included boards between the roof trusses to be used as shelves. This spreads the weight of any load you want to keep in your loft – ideally you want to aim…
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